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What makes Alaska Alaska?

If space is the final frontier (according to Star Trek), then Alaska definitely earns its place as The Last Frontier. Our great state attracts a particular kind of person — someone who craves the ultimate experience of raw, wild nature and survival.

Alaska’s wide open spaces and ruggedness are so vast that it’s nearly impossible for a human being to fully comprehend. Even just standing on a low peak such as Bird Ridge and looking out onto Turnagain Arm and the Kenai Peninsula makes one feel incredibly small and insignificant.

Alaska’s singular theme

The singular theme in Alaska is this: Nature always has the last word.

Knowing this, we need to regard nature with awe and wonder, and sometimes terror. Sure — we can live in towns and homes and great communities, and create meaningful relationships with people, but Alaska always forces you to honor that direct relationship with nature.

Christopher McCandless from “Into the Wild”

Of course, there are stories about people who come to Alaska in pursuit of an ultimate oneness with nature. Keep in mind, though, that the stories we remember — the ones that get told over and over — are where the protagonists don’t make it out alive.

These tales of survival and untimely death add to the legend of Alaska.

Get comfortable not being comfortable

Alaska’s elements, seasons and wildlife cycle in dramatic fashion, offering little in the way of relaxation, safety or coziness (unless you stay at Creekwood, of course!).Anyone who goes to Alaska will inevitably face this discomfort.

The way to be comfortable is to get used to not being comfortable.

Unlike a city or a warm sunny beach, there are very few ways in Alaska to avoid or fight the elements: you humble yourself to them and face them directly. Once you do that, the ruggedness outside becomes one with the ruggedness within. This is the Alaska spirit — energetic, powerful and bold!

Are you coming?

The only way to truly understand the Alaska spirit is to come and visit. Even a trip to Anchorage can do the job: It’s a spread out city with a small population, surrounded by incredible wilderness, wildlife and the people who for it.

Alaska is not for the weak, timid or lazy… 🙂

Image credits: mypubliclandshippychicnumerosieteumnak145385754@N02, rebasphotos