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What it’s actually like to live in Anchorage, Alaska

We love Anchorage! Yes, our winters are long and dark and cold, but our people are kind and generous and adventurous.

We’re gifted every day by beautiful wide-open rugged spaces, not to mention an abundance of outdoor sports, fishing, wildlife, and even some of the world’s freshest water.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what other locals Anchorage residents have to say:

“Anchorage is a very diverse, very tight-knit community.”

“It’s shockingly tight-knit in terms of the neighborhoods and communities of practice that develop within it. I always saw people I knew at restaurants, concerts, special events, etc.” —Kelly M.

“The wilderness is right there, on your doorstep.”

“You have unmatched access to public lands, wildlife, wilderness and freedom. You can fish for wild salmon in Ship Creek, see bears in Far North Bicentennial Park (or on your lawn) and see moose almost every day. Just wandering around.” —Kelly M.

“Get outside and do your thing”

“…what will absolutely make or break things for you is whether you get out and take advantage of what Anchorage, and Alaska in general, has to offer…you need to get out and enjoy the bars and restaurants, the art galleries and music venues, the community events and celebrations, and everything else…” —Michael K.

“You typically won’t go a week without seeing a moose somewhere in town.”

“In the heaviest traffic and worst weather conditions you can still get anywhere in Anchorage in under half an hour.”

“The amount of things you could do with all that daylight is crazy.”

“I found that the summers made the winter bearable.” —David M.

“The biggest mountain on the continent can be seen on a clear day.”

—Lawrence T.

“We drink a lot of beer and coffee in the winter.”

“We don’t wait nearly as long for tables at restaurants.” —Rachel N.

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