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The 10 Best Things About Living in Alaska

Poll any resident of the great state of Alaska and they’ll tell you they either love or hate living here…or both! But if you ask them to name the top 10 best things ever about living in Alaska, you might hear this:

It’s a conscious lifestyle


Nobody just ends up in Alaska — it’s a choice to live here. Pretty much all the amazing people living in Alaska have their unique own story to share.

Constant summer sunshine


During the short summer season of mid-May through August is when everyone gets out and explores the great AK wilderness. It’s total bliss!

A hiker’s fantasy


Pick almost any Alaska city or town on a map and you’ll find that every single one is surrounded by beautiful views and extensive trail systems.

Glacier water!


Drive less than 30 minutes from an Alaska city and you can literally drink water from a mountain. In fact, many breweries use refreshing, naturally filtered glacier to brew their robust Alaska ales.

The North Pole


If you love Christmas and live in Alaska, you can really get into the holiday spirit: Santa’s home base is here! The Santa Claus House in North Pole, AK offers a special experience for the kid at heart (with reindeer out front, too!).



Yes, Alaska has the freshest and most abundant selection of delicious, healthy seafood. The best part? You can catch your own dinner yourself, drive home and cook it — all in the same day.

Northern Lights


The best way to redeem a freezing winter day (and night) is to walk outside in the chilly air and gaze up at the stunning display of Northern Lights. Fairbanks has the best views, but you see them in Anchorage when it’s not super dark or overcast.

Clean, fresh, crisp air


Not much more to say about that!



All the local wildlife roaming around makes driving around town really exciting. Moose and bear frequent Anchorage in the summer — just be sure to keep your distance!

Friendly people


Alaska is teeming with upbeat, pleasant people who are happy to talk to you and help whenever you need it.

Photo credits: bibiweb, paxson_woelber, umnak, since_1968, dcaid, allyhooksnowshoe_photography_alaska, dcsl, denalinps, lewing, total_heliski