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Splurge on these 11 travel gadgets for an epic Alaska vacation

So you’re headed to Alaska — congrats, you’ll love it here! To make your vacation up north more convenient and enjoyable, we’d like to share 11 of the coolest travel accessories around.

Portable luggage scale — Balanzza Mini USB

We’ve all been there — running late for a flight at the check in counter, crossing our fingers as we weigh our suitcase, only to have the airline rep tell us our bag is too heavy, then to embarrassingly move clothes from one bag to the next in view of everyone. Get this excellent luggage scale instead.

Mini clothesline – Going In Style Travel Laundry Clothesline Kit Model GIS-C101

The air is really dry in Alaska, which means if it’s warm enough outside your wet clothes will dry in a jiffy. String this portable clothesline between a couple of trees and dry your damp wares the natural way — saves power, too!

Toiletry kit – Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Wallaby Small

Stay super organized with all your personal hygiene items. This water-resistant kit fits a week’s worth of toiletries and fits into your carry on without issue.

Packable towel – PackTowl

Being active outdoors in Alaska almost always involves getting wet, and getting wet usually means being cold. The PackTowl is solves that problem — it’s ultra portable, lightweight, quick-drying and odor resistant — pretty much a accessory for this perfect splendid Alaska hikes.

Neck pillow – TravelRest Ultimate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Getting sleep on the plane can save you an entire day of grogginess on either end of your trip. Investing in a $30 neck pillow is a pretty smart solution. The super comfortable TravelRest neck pillow is crafted from memory foam and packs into small spaces — totally worth it.

Sleep mask – Nidra Deep Rest

Getting sleep in the summer in Alaska is kind of a big deal, especially when you consider that it never really gets dark. The Nidra sleep mask was rated as the most light-blocking and comfortable, with room to blink. No need for blackout curtains.

Noise-cancelling headphones – Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Silence is golden, and if you want to reduce all noise distractions and focus on your music (or favorite podcast), spend the money on these Bose headphones. A built-in microphone lets you take hand-free calls, too.

Sleeping bag liner – Sea to Summit Silk Stretch Mummy Liner

Add the soft, warm touch of silk to your rugged Alaska camping experience with the Sea to Summit silk liner. You simply add it to your sleeping bag (or by itself) for some extra warmth and comfort. It also wicks moisture and dries quickly.

Travel binoculars – Nikon Trailblazer

Binoculars are often an afterthought on a trip, and usually a regrettable one. This Nikon pair is small, lightweight and waterproof — perfect for enhancing your Alaska wilderness watching (i.e. nesting eagles at Potter Marsh, orcas in Kenai Fjords, bears feeding at the river bed, etc.).

Reading – Kindle Paperwhite

If you think about it, the Kindle is a true miracle of technology: how else could you carry around literally 1,000’s of books on your voyages? Unlike a tablet or smartphone — which can be deeply distracting — the Kindle is built specifically for reading. A built in soft backlight adjusts to your lighting conditions, and wireless or network connectivity gives you access to the Kindle store.

Writing – Field Notes

Writing notes by hand is still the best way to take notes. No batteries required — just a pen and some light. Field Notes are praised by notebook geeks as being cheap but high-quality, i.e., easy-to-write-over light brown rules lines, and superior paper that doesn’t bleed or feather your pen’s ink.

Special thanks to The Wirecutter for its fabulous curated list of the world’s best travel gadgets.