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Enjoy the best of Anchorage, Alaska with this free eBook

cwi_ebookOne of the best parts of working at Creekwood Inn are the amazing people from around the world we get to meet as they pass through on their vacations, work or family trips.

We love sharing everything we know about Alaska — and especially Anchorage — that help make their journeys one to remember.

People often tell us that “you guys should write this stuff down” and pass it out to other visitors.

So that’s exactly what we did.

As a gift to our blog readers and fellow guests, we recently published Creekwood Inn’s “Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Anchorage, Alaska,” which you can download here (or at the bottom of this post).

The 22-page PDF guidebook contains tips from us locals on how to enjoy all the wonderful things Anchorage has to offer, including the outdoors, food, Alaskan culture, the off-season (fall and winter) and more. Enjoy!

Get The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Anchorage, Alaska now.