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What makes Alaska Alaska?

It’s not a thing, it’s a feeling, a spirit…

Alaska is the last frontier of surfing

For a surfer, Alaska has too much beautiful coastline to pass up.

24 Alaska winter photos that might entice you to take an off-season vacay

Even if you don’t like the cold, you can still appreciate these Alaska winter photos.

These 7 Anchorage bars might keep your spirit alive this winter

Learn how to stay warm, connected and hydrated this winter!

So you want to run this winter in Anchorage? Here’s how

Baby it’s cold outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from running.

What it’s actually like to live in Anchorage, Alaska

Thinking about a move to Anchorage? Hear what the locals have to say

27 beautiful moments of summer in Anchorage, Alaska

Summer is over, but we saved some of the best photos to keep you going until next year.

Summer in Anchorage: 9 fun cheap thrills to be had after 10pm

It’s late, it’s light, you’re wide awake — time to have some Alaskan-style summer fun!

Splurge on these 11 travel gadgets for an epic Alaska vacation

Enhance your Alaska vacation with these top rated and tested travel gadgets.

17 humblebrag facts about Alaska

No big deal, we just live in one of the most extreme and quirkiest places in the United States of America.

21 quirky things that are totally Alaskan

SAD lamps? 30lb zucchinis? Devil’s Club? Read more to learn about quirky Alaskan stuff!

The quick and dirty guide to an Alaska summer job

Want to get paid for hard work AND adventure? Try an Alaska summer job!

The top 5 trending foodie restaurants in Anchorage, Alaska

If you’re going to be in Anchorage, you might as well eat at the best places in town.

9 spirit-lifting animals you can see in Alaska during the winter

There is no shortage whatsoever of Alaska wildlife in the winter. Read on to learn more.

Beat those Alaska winter blues with these 5 sanity-saving tips

Alaska winter blues are a real thing, but there are proven ways to help cope with it.

How to spend a PFD

Free money for Alaskans? Yes, it’s true. Learn more about it here.

How to enjoy the last days of summer in Anchorage

Just because the Alaska summer feels like it’s over doesn’t mean it is!

How to enjoy Girdwood when you want a break from Anchorage

Don’t get “anchored down in Anchor-twin.” Visit Girdwood instead.

The Ultimate Guide to Alaska’s Museums

Get to know Alaska through its wide variety of museums.

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Festivals in Anchorage, Alaska (2016)
Photo of Anchorage Welcomes You sign

Where’s all the cool stuff to do in Anchorage this summer? Look no further: we’ve got the Ultimate Guide right here!

Enjoy the best of Anchorage, Alaska with this free eBook

One of the best parts of working at Creekwood Inn are the amazing people from around the world we get to meet as they pass through on their vacations, work or family trips. We love

5 Excellent Films Shot on Location in Alaska

Alaska has served as backdrop for some of Hollywood’s best films. Here are five of our favorites!

How to Thoroughly Enjoy Alaska’s Top 5 Tourist Destinations

Enjoy your already mind-blowing Alaska trip even more with these simple tips from us locals.

The Outsider’s Guide to Alaska’s Native Youth Olympics

Learn about some of the most challenging and culturally-rich games in Alaska.

The Top 5 Extreme Sports in Alaska

Alaska is no doubt extreme, and so are most of its sports.

A Brief Intro to Alaska Native Art

Learn a little about the unique and curious world of Alaska Native art.

Just the Facts: Alaskan Sled Dogs
Alaskan husky sled dogs

Here’s the lowdown on those gorgeous dogs you see pulling sleds in Alaska.

A Brief Intro to Alaska’s Top Winter Sports

Winter is the new summer! Check out the most loved snow sports in and around Anchorage.

The 10 Best Things About Living in Alaska

Some love it, some hate it…but most will agree these ten uniquely Alaskan things are AWESOME!

What You Need to Know About the Northern Lights

Dancing colored lights, hosted by Mother Nature, in the cold!