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7 Excellent blogs about Alaska aside from this one

Who doesn’t love reading and learning about Alaska? Thanks to blogs, we have a healthy handful of locally-produced content that showcase the many perspectives from The Last Frontier.

This blog aside, here’s a short list of our favorites:

Patrick Endres

In 1981, Patrick Endres followed his passion for the outdoors and moved to Alaska from Wisconsin, just after high school. Today he is the one of Alaska’s most published nature photographers.

Patrick’s blog visually explores some of the most remote and wondrous parts of Alaska’s (one’s most people will likely never see), such as Aurora panoramas, Landscape of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Termination dust in Denali National Park and Wolf on the Run.

The Runner’s Plate

Ever want to know what’s like being a competitive distance and marathon runner in Alaska? Read Michelle’s personal and inspiring Alaska running blog. Here she journals her journey as a runner living in Anchorage, Alaska: a place with obvious challenges and limitation for runners.

In her post Winter Running is Tough, Michelle talks about running on icy roads with studded shoes, cold dark mornings, and low motivation. Want AK race info? Read “Marathons in Alaska.” She’s also got non-running posts, too, such as Free Summer Activities for Kids in the Anchorage Area.

Alaska From Scratch

Can you think of anyone who doesn’t love really good food? Yeah, no, so head on over to Maya’s “Alaska from Scratch” food blog. Her site features unique Alaska regional cuisine, as well as recipes made from scratch due to the fact that she lives on the Kenai Peninsula and far from the convenience of grocery stores and restaurants.

Here are some of Maya’s yummy eats to check out: Smoked Salmon Frittata with Potatoes & Goat Cheese, Poached Halibut in Thai Coconut Curry Broth and Mason Jar Cherry Pies

Alaska 365

On his website, Laurent Dick sums up Alaska perfectly: “Alaska truly stretches our capacity to comprehend the meaning of wilderness.” Laurent is an accomplished Alaskan photographer and adventurer originally from Switzerland. He arrived here in the 1980s, where “the natural world of the Arctic and sub-Arctic nurtured my art, intellect and spirit.”

Alaska 365 is a place to get inspired and transported to life, the natural world and the seasons of Alaska. Check out: Wild and Magic Alaska Sunrise, Iditarod Fisnish and Northern LIght Tour and Humpback Whales Bubble Net Feeding

AK on the Go

AKontheGO is a cheerful Alaska family travel website published by Erin Kirkland. You can discover various “meaningful and fun” Alaska destinations and adventures geared for families with children.

Get started by reading Spring Savings With UnCruise Adventures, Driving the McCarthy Road – Should you?, 10 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day In Seward, It’s Almost Alaska Camping Season: What you need to do

Alaska Urban Hippie

Ever heard of an urban hippie? Ashley’s one. Basically an urban hippie is someone who lives naturally in an urban center. For example, in her backyard, Ashley raises chickens, tends bees, grows organic vegetables, fruits trees and makes her own compost.

Check out: Making & preserving homemade raspberry rhubarb jam, Caribou Heart & Bone Broth Recipe, Taking care of chickens in the winter and Pressure Canning Alaska Halibut + Recipe

Alaska Magazine

While technically a print magazine, Alaska Magazine online offers a wonderful collection of articles showcasing photos and stories from all over the state — some of the best, actually.

Take a peek at “tiny new worlds” at The World in a Grain of Sand, Job Interview, Alaska-style and Paddle boarding – My New Love



Photo credits: The Runner’s Plate Facebook page, Alaska From Scratch, Alaska Urban Hippie 1 2, Alaska 365, Patrick Endres, Alaska Magazine, AK on the Go