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5 Excellent Films Shot on Location in Alaska

Alaska’s a great location to film vast tundra, alpine and Arctic landscapes. We dug up five films which used The Last Frontier in some of its footage. Check them out:

The Thing

Remember the original The Thing from 1982? That horrible parasitic extraterrestrial…thing…that took over other life forms and imitated them? The Thing infiltrates a research station in Alaska, replicating the appearance of the researchers, one by one. Paranoia and other unspeakable things ensue.

Filming took place in Juneau.

The Hunt for Red October


Tom Clancy’s best-selling spy novel involves a Russian submarine that breaks orders and heads straight for US waters. Good Cold War flick from 1990. It stars none other than the original James Bond actor Sean Connery.

The opening sequence is filmed in Valdez.



You know something’s exciting and unusual if Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank are making a film set in Alaska. Insomnia is about two Los Angeles homicide detectives investigating a murder in a remote Alaskan town. — in the winter, above the Arctic Circle — which means it’s dark 24/7.

Filming was done in Valdez and Hyder, as well as many aerial shots throughout the state.

Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country


Whoever thought Star Trek and Alaska would occur in the same sentence? (psst: for all you Trekkie nerds out there, Lieutenant Riker from TNG is from Valdez). In this installment featuring the original crew, Kirk and McCoy are charged with assassination of the Klingon High Chancellor — and it’s the eve of their retirement. Bummer.

Filming took place at the Knik Glacier (seen above) in the Chugach State Park.

Into the Wild


Into the Wild might be one of the most popular and recognizable films set in Alaska in recent history. It’s also a true story: a seemingly normal young man named Christopher McCandless rebels against society and lives the remainder of his short life in the Alaska backcountry.

Filmed throughout Alaska, including Anchorage, Healy, Cantwell and Denali National Park. 

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