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21 quirky things that are totally Alaskan

1. Free money

Bonafide Alaska residents get yearly Permanent Dividend Fund (PFD) checks from the state thanks to oil revenues.

2. It’s hard to see 4th of July fireworks…

Well, you can sort of see them, but it’s still pretty light out in July thanks to long summer daylight hours.

3. …and yet it’s too cold to watch them on New Year’s Eve

The reverse is true for New Year’s Eve fireworks — it’s certainly dark enough to see but bone-chilling cold out!

4.  No shipping

Not part of the “Continental USA”? You either get no shipping, higher shipping prices or longer shipping times! Same as Hawaii.

5. No sales or income taxes

We don’t have a mandated sales tax (in Anchorage), and residents don’t have to file personal income taxes.

6. Forgetting to plug in your car.

Strange but true: our cars come equipped with plugs so we can keep our battery warm enough to start in the winter.

7. Resident wildlife

Bears, moose, porcupines, bald eagles, caribou, wolverines, wolves…yeah, this is actually their turf.

8. View like this

(No words needed.)

9. Bear safety

Ask any Alaska resident how to deal with bears in the wild and they’ll give you correct information, along with a can of bear mace to carry.

10. SAD lamps

Seasonal Affective Disorder (with the fitting acronym SAD) is a winter condition that causes depression and lethargy from insufficient light and physical activity. How do we cope? With a SAD lamp!

11. Devil’s Club

Take any stroll through any Alaska woods and you’ll eventually run into Devil’s Club. There is no forgiveness.

12. Summer

Need we say more? Ok, how about long days and longer nights, salmon runs, great energy, neverending things to do…

13. Dipnetting

Each summer, Alaska residents (only) pull up to the banks of rivers with huge nets attached to long poles and scoop up the incoming spawning salmon. Because we can.

14. Survivor mentality

Alaskans are tough, and we know how to survive. Yes, we’re also educated and industrious, but we also know that in Alaska, nature wins if you’re not prepared. So we prepare.

15. A land of superlatives

Alaska is northern, western, and —if you count the farthest Aleutian Islands — eastern most state. It’s also the largest state with the highest peaks, and 7 of top 10 national parks (including #1).

16. Mosquitos

The mosquitos in the summer can get so thick they can obscure the sky. They’re big and they bite and they suck, both literally and figuratively.

17. We eat “different” things

Eating game meat is a normal part of life in Alaska. It’s not uncommon to eat moose, venison, caribou and ever bear.

18. T-shirt weather is much different to us

30F degrees out? That’s balmy!

19. Subarus

Just about every other car in Alaska is a trusty, reliable, efficient Subaru stationwagon.

20. Personal airplanes

Since our state is so huge — with very few roads to get us to the vast open spaces — we just learn to fly our own planes and land them on sandbard, river beds and lakes.

21. Mammoth vegetables

What do you get when you combine excellent growing conditions and non-stop sunlight? You get 130lb cabbages, 30lb zucchinis and 1,469lb pumpkins!

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